Astronomy (Earth Science Part 2)

This class will be the 2nd half of Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage. We will be learning about the solar system, the moon, the planets, dwarf planets, stars, asteroids, and briefly about space travel. We will do experiments and lab reports in class. Students are expected to do vocabulary work at home. We will have one night where we meet at TALC to see the stars together. We will have 2 field trips to the Henry Hudson Planetarium in Albany, and a big field trip to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. These are optional.

Science Fair

For the middle enrichment day we are going to have a Science fair! The kids in the  biology classes will be doing a project to display for the science fair but everyone is welcome to display at the science fair and Biology kids are totally welcome to do their own project to display as well. 

Elementary Biology Part 2: Plants & Human Body

This is a continuation of the Fall Biology Class. We will be learning about plants and about the Human Body. We will be participating in the Science Fair.

week 1: Leaves,   

week 2: Flowers, Fruit & Seeds,   

week 3: Non-flowering Plants   

week 4: Stems,   

week 5: Roots,   

Enrichment Day (science fair) students will pick a plant to research and make a poster about to display at the science fair. Students are welcome to do their own science project at home as well.   

week 6: Skeletal & Muscular System,   

Middle School Biology Part 2: Vertebrates & The Human Body

We will be studying Vertebrates and the Human Body. It will be a very busy semester. 

week 1: Fish (perch dissection)   

week 2: Amphibians & Reptiles (frog dissection)   

week 3: Birds   

week 4: Mammals   

week 5: Animal Defenses & Feeding and Nutrition   

Enrichment Day (Science Fair): Students will choose a vertebrate to study and do a project on to display for the science fair. They are welcome to also do their own science fair project at home.    

week 6: Skeletal & Muscular System   

Lapbooking with Jolene

Students will explore a variety of topics through lapbooks. Lapbooks are file folders that have been converted into a project display board of sorts. This method of learning blends all the senses and a child's inclination to color, cut and paste. Projects will develop independent working habits, reading and writing, dexterity, and organizational skills. Each project is self-contained.

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