Talc Tattler for Middles

Kids in the middle age group will have a chance to contribute to The Talc Tattler by using class and/or home time to work on a short story, report, poem, drawing, or anything else that they are inspired to put onto paper. 

Talc Tattler for Bigs

We will continue to practice writing skills while working on volume 3 of The Talc Tattler. We’ll work on stories, news reports, poetry, interviews, comics, art, recipes, and whatever else the students can come up with. Writing at home will be encouraged but not required.



We will work on creating volume 2 of the Talc newspaper. We’ll work on creative writing, reporting, interviewing, conducting surveys, comics, art, and anything else that students are inspired to put onto paper. Reluctant writers can also help with page design, layout, and proofreading/editing. 


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