Times Tales

Through the silly stories of the Times Tales curriculum we will memorize our times tables from 3×6 on up through 9x9. These stories and the accompanying activities really make the math facts stick. Requires regular work at home during the week to review the stories. We will also start every class with active "counting by" chants and movements to really get the 2×, 3x, 5x, and 10x to stick. Geared to 7-12, but older kids who have trouble memorizing their math facts would benefit too.

Math Analogies

Learn about logic and math with a fun workbook curriculum. No need to buy the workbook, I will provide copies.

Song Creation

Students will learn the elements that go into making a song, and will produce a completed group work that will be recorded, performed, or both. Students will all be expected to contribute. 

Fractions and Money (and Food)

We will learn about fractions and have a fraction tea party where we serve each other fractions of food and drinks. We’ll also practice making change and have a TALC wide food sale with items ranging from 1c to 25c.


Edible Math for Littles

Explore math concepts and word problems using edible props. Please let me know if your participating child has any food resrictions to be aware of.

Charts and Graphs

Do TALC families have more cats, dogs, or snails? How much does the outside temperature change with each TALC week? We’ll answer these and many more questions (that you make up) by conducting surveys and making observations, and turning the answers into colorful charts and graphs.

Lapbooking with Jolene

Students will explore a variety of topics through lapbooks. Lapbooks are file folders that have been converted into a project display board of sorts. This method of learning blends all the senses and a child's inclination to color, cut and paste. Projects will develop independent working habits, reading and writing, dexterity, and organizational skills. Each project is self-contained.

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